Bullseye in a Frame is sleek version of the “Bull’s Eye” worksheet developed by Tobias Lundgren seen in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy). This is a free, no questions asked download. This can be used and framed for your home or office. Click to get started with this download.


Swedish Psychologist and ACT therapist Tobias Lundgren took the framework of ACT and created today’s exercise-of-interest, the ACT Values Bullseye. The ACT Values Bullseye not only helps clarify what your values are, but places them on a bullseye graphic to determine how closely you’re living your life by your values and where there’s area for cultivation.

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Tobias lundgren bullseye worksheet

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The 'Bull's Eye' is a values-clarification exercise designed by a Swedish ACT therapist called Tobias Lundgren. Values are something which we attach meaning to; we give weightage to, they highlight what's important to you and what's not. Your values influence your priorities in life. Russ Harris, a leading Australian psychologist in ACT, adapted the Bull’s Eye worksheet by Swedish ACT therapist Tobias Lundgren.

The 'Bull ' s Eye' is a values-clarification exercise designed by a Swedish ACT therapist called Tobias Lundgren. (I have rewritten it.) The danboard on the next page is divided into four important domains of life: work/education, leisure, relationships and personal growth"health. To begin with, please write down your values in these 4 areas of

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Tobias lundgren bullseye worksheet

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Measures Package Process measures of potential relevance to ACT Compiled by Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi Linda Bilich

Since there are four areas of valued living, you should mark four Xs on the dart board. Note! Use the dart board on this page before you go to Part 2 of this exercise. My life is just as I want it to be My life is far from how I want it to be Adapted with permission from Tobias Lundgren's Bull's Eye I am acting very inconsistently with my values Leisure Relationships Russ Harris 2009 www.actmadesimple.com reprinted by permission of New Harbinger: Highlights Discusses the development of a measure of valued living called the Bull's-Eye values survey.

Tobias lundgren bullseye worksheet

R ESEARCH on cognitive behavioral therapies has historically tended to emphasize symptom reduction as the primary outcome of interest. However, recent papers have called for placing a greater emphasis on the measurement of functional outcomes in domains such as work, school, relationships (McKnight & Kashdan, 2009a), and positive dimensions of human functioning (Duckworth, Steen, & Seligman YOUR VALUES:What really matters to you, deep in your heart?What do you want to do with your time on this planet? What sort of person do you want to be? What personal strengths or qualities do you want to develop? Hitta rätt Tobias Lundgren i Sverige. Se telefonnummer, adress, karta, grannar, jobb mm.
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Tobias lundgren bullseye worksheet

Tobias Lundgren.

The Costs of Avoidance Worksheet 29-30. Avoidance & Suffering Diary 31.
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Avoidance & Suffering Diary 31. Defusion Practice Form 32.