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Claus Sluter (with Claus de Werve), Well of Moses, 1395-1405 (prophets 1402-05, painted by Jean Malouel), Asnières stone with gilding and polychromy, slightly less than 7 meters high, originally close to 13 meters with cross. Located on the grounds of the former Chartreuse de Champmol, a Carthusian monastery in Dijon, France established by Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. The prophets

http://www.jstor.org Claus Sluter's 'Well ofMoses' for the Chartreuse de Champmol reconsidered: part I SUSIE NASH, Courtauld Institute ofArt, London by in 2004 Claus sluter's 'Well of Moses', one of the canoni The 'Well ofMoses' is a relatively recent tide, given to the cal works of European art, was at last revealed after having monument in the late eighteenth century, by which time the been hidden from public view for fifteen years.1 During this top half of the structurewith its large From Art History 101, Claus Sluter, The Well of Moses (1395-1406), Limestone with traces of paint The Well of Moses was made from polychrome and gilded stone. The artwork was later painted by Jean Malouel, due to the death of Claus Sluter. Claus created the Well of Moses as was seen of the six prophets who had foreseen the death of Christ on the cross. The order of the Well of Moses was Moses, David, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Daniel, and Isaiah. Claus Sluter (with Claus de Werve), The Well of Moses, 1395-1405 (calvary finished 1399, prophets 1402-05, painted by Jean Malouel c.

Sluter well of moses

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The monastery site is now part of a psychiatric hospital. One of the few surviving works created for the Chartreuse de Champmol still to be found at the site is the hexagonal, carved stone pedestal known as the Well of Moses, a fragment of a monumental creation Sluter executed between 1395 and ca. 1404. Claus Sluter, Well of Moses, Prophet Jeremiah, 1395-1406. The Well of Moses is a monumental sculpture by the Dutch artist Claus Sluter.

Well of Moses: Moses [detail] · Credit: Web Gallery of Art · Mode.

The Well of Moses which once stood at about 24 ½ feet tall was always meant for drama, even in the days of its seclusion in a monastery in the Chartruese de Champmol. Claus Sluter's Well of Moses was an integral piece that influenced the Northern Renaissance's shift from stylized figures towards realistically, dramatically, and individually depicted figures in sculpture in the beginning of the 15th century Germany. Claus Sluter (with Claus de Werve), The Well of Moses, 1395–1405 (calvary finished 1399, prophets 1402–05, painted by Jean Malouel c. 1402), Asnières stone with gilding and polychromy, slightly less than 7 meters high, originally close to 13 meters with cross.

Sluter well of moses

In Claus Sluter. The six-sided “Well of Moses,” now lacking its crowning Calvary group, which made the whole a symbol of the “fountain of life,” presents six life-sized prophets holding books, scrolls, or both. The figures, beginning with Moses, proceed counterclockwise to David, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Daniel, and Isaiah. Moses was… Read More

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Sluter well of moses

(Exodus 24:12-18; 32:15-17) What a wellspring of mature counsel and wisdom aged Moses must have been Vi gifter oss, sluter fred och får halva Wellspring var.
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Sluter well of moses

Harris] Well  Well of Moses: Well of Moses: Prophets Daniel and Isaiah - Claus Sluter - WikiGallery.org, the largest gallery in the world: wikigallery - the largest virtaul gallery  Image result for claus sluter the well of moses. Saved by Rabbit Editing · The Duke Of BurgundyStone FacadeColorful RosesInternational StyleIlluminated  Jul 3, 2012 Above them stand weeping angels (created by Sluter's assistant and nephew, Claus de Werve). A weeping angel between Jeremiah and  Jul 29, 2009 Sluter's Well of Moses, naturalistic portal sculptures of Margaret of Flanders and Philip the Bold, and Philip the Bold's tomb with its pleurants. Jul 1, 2016 This is the Well of Moses by Claus Sluter. This structure can be found in the Chartreuse (Charterhouse) de Champmol, a Carthusian monastery  THE WELL OF MOSES CLAUS SLUTER.

They funded the Carthusian monastery, and the head of Philip's sculptural workshop was Claus Sluter, whose most famous work was Well of Moses. Identify the innovations in Claus Sluter's Well of Moses that point toward a new kind of sculpture in northern Europe. Landmarks nearby Well of Moses. 2.2km Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon Church in Dijon.
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1340/60 – 1405/06. “Well of Moses”, c. 1395/1405.